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8 Marketing Tips for Blockchain and Crypto Brands

Most of the crypto brands are struggling to get the attention of people, investors, and readers overall. This guide will help you get a better idea of the best marketing tips for blockchain and crypto brands, mostly focused on and how to get the best results.

Nowadays, there are more than thousands of blockchain projects as Blockchain is adopted every day more.

Our team has gathered some data working for the biggest names on the Blockchain.

8 best marketing tips for blockchain and crypto brands are to focus on:

  1. Bitcoin forum
  2. Journalists and influencers
  3. Reddit
  4. Blog on your site
  5. Guest posts
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Telegram groups
  8. Twitter

Bitcoin Forum

The legendary forum is one of the best strategies to promote your blockchain startup. This forum is old for more than ten years and has fanatics of Blockchain and crypto involved. Furthermore, a lot of investors and researchers keep their eye all the time on this forum for new opportunities that are rising every day.

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Journalists – Influencers

Create the right connection with people who influence others, and then you are on the correct path. There are tons of authoritative journalists who have a significant impact on people interested in blockchain startups. Sames goes for Influencers like Ivan on Tech, a famous Youtuber that has more than 250K subscribers. Every time he mentions some altcoins on his YouTube live stream, those coins pump up like 20% – 30% afterward.

The crypto adoption curve is the fastest in human histyr (Source- ChainDebrief)
The crypto adoption curve is the fastest in human history (Source- ChainDebrief)

Reddit – SubReddits

People who are passionate about Blockchain and cryptos spend a lot in subreddits like Bitcoin, which counts more than 2 million followers. Most companies have their subreddits where their community can discuss and engage, so it’s a good idea to create your subreddit. Note that you must not spam as your account can be quickly flagged, especially your website. In case bots from Reddit flag your company as spammy, it will take years before the shadowban gets removed.

Start a Blog as Category on Your site

Starting a blog as a category in your site, it’s better for several reasons. It will help with SEO to get more organic keywords and organic traffic. By opening a blog, you can ask different journalists to submit their articles and knowledge to your site and automatically increase your web presence. Furthermore, interlinking plays an essential factor in SEO. When you post an article, it would be ideal for connecting with your previous posts on your blog. Internal backlinking helps with SEO.

Guest Posts

If you are a blockchain brand, it’s a good idea to pitch some sites for guest posts. Most of the sites will accept guest posts. It’s important to create guest posts in all crypto/finance niches. This will help to rank as it will connect your site with all crypto websites. At the same time, some websites accept guest posts from authoritative companies for free like, some of them ask for submissions fees to promote your site.  Note that when you outreach the companies, you must offer value to them first, and In case they ask for submission fees, then you must negotiate the price. Some companies, for the first time, ask for 500$, then they lower the price to 100$. Negotiating will save you tons of money. You have to be careful and not break Google rules as they can penalize your site.


The page on LinkedIn must be maintained regularly and fresh all the time with the latest update. Everyone must be posting regularly and connecting with people of their network. This will boost your organic growth and open new opportunities. The same rules apply to all employees on LinkedIn, along with the CEO. The page must look professional, and postings must be friendly.

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Every post must be created to be informational and to create engagement. It’s’s preferred to ask your audience. Use phrases like “What’s your opinion on this?” or “Comment below” to increase engagement rating. This would be a huge factor for your brand.

Telegram Groups

Telegram groups are another way to connect with your community. The blockchain community loves telegram as there are tons of groups in telegram sharing the latest updates. In case a blockchain startup doesn’t have a telegram group might feel and look not serious. It’s’s suggested to keep your telegram updated all the time with fresh news. Updates make you look serious for your community.


Twitter is another excellent way of interacting with your followers. As we know, title words for paragraphs are short, so most of the posts must be straightforward and easy to understand. Also, on Twitter, there are different Influencers that blockchain startups can advertise through them. It’s suggested that you contact them and create a network based on influencers. They can have a massive impact on sales, especially. There are a lot of tools that can help you with Instagram also, especially with photos – one of the tools is the instadp which allows you to view the Instagram profile picture in full size.

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