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Best Bitcoin debit cards in 2021

In the last couple of years, we have been witnesses to a financial revolution, which is bound to thoroughly change the financial system in the next couple of years.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies have had a massive gain of popularity, and they’re currently being used by millions of people from all around the world. While the system is a lot different, there are still a couple of similarities to the traditional ones, and certain benefits that need to be given to digital currencies as well, to ensure their success.

One of these is creating Bitcoin credit and debit cards, which can be used in stores that normally do not accept the use of cryptocurrencies.

A Simple Process

With this in mind, the process is quite simple. You can load up digital currencies on your card, and their value will change according to the day’s exchange rate, however, when paying, you’ll be giving the store traditional cash, after an automatic conversion. The system will not only encourage more people to use Bitcoin, but it’ll also give the currency a lot more influence than it currently has.

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To kick things off, there are a number of companies that promote Bitcoin credit cards, and these are as follows:

BIT-X Debit Card

bitcoin debit card - bitxThe BIT-X Debit Card is a revolutionary card and one of the best Bitcoin debit cards that is issued by the bank partner of the firm. What makes it great is that it can be used anywhere to shop and pay for goods & services and users are also free to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide using any of the digital currency balances available on the card.

However, as the system is still debuting, there are some strict limits.

For payments, customers will be able to send €250 per year without verification, €2500/year with basic verification, and €180000 once approved by the parent bank.

In terms of cash withdrawals via ATMs, the limits are the same, apart from the yearly €1000 sum, with basic verification.

BIT-X Debit Card Fees
Bitcoin Debit Cards - BitX fees

BIT-X Debit Card Limits
Bitcoin Debit Card - BitX Limits

CCEDK Bitcoin Debit NanoCard

Bitcoin Debit Card - CCEDK NanoCardCCEDK represents yet another company that now allows people to get their own digital currency credit/debit cards, hence enabling cryptocurrency owners to spend their balances at tons of locations from all around the world.

The huge potential of the card is also improved thanks to the payment/withdrawal limits that are practiced at this moment in time. With this in time, there are limits if the card isn’t verified, but once it is, you’ll be able to spend as much as you can afford.

The process of getting your own card is extremely simple, and it only requires you to register online, order a card on the designated page, receive it, and then simply begin using it, thus making the process extremely easy – making it one of the best Bitcoin debit cards.

CCEDK Bitcoin Debit NanoCard Fees
CCEDK Debit NanoCard Fees

CCEDK Bitcoin Debit NanoCard Limits
CCEDK NanoCard Limits
CCEDK NanoCard Limits

Bitstamp Debit Card

Chances are that you have already heard about Bitstamp, which is an influential company in the digital currency market.

Like others, this one has also seen the potential of digital currency credit cards and is therefore granting customers the possibility to get their own.

The sign-up process is extremely easy and it only requires paying a fee of $10. Once you have received your card, there’ll be 3 stages of verification, each requiring some more information from you.

Stage 1 will grant you the possibility to use the card in stores, whereas the second two stages will allow you to withdraw money from ATMs as well.

Bitstamp Debit Card Info & Fees
Bitstamp Debit Card - Info & Fees
Bitstamp Debit Card - Info & Fees

Bitstamp Debit Card Limits
Bitstamp Debit Card Limits

SpectroCoin Debit Card

SpectroCoin Debit CardYet another provider which is willing to make the idea of digital currency credit cards a reality is SpectroCoin.

The card can be funded with BTC from the user’s account, and can then be used to withdraw cash at any ATM, but also pay for goods and services at any store that accepts debit cards – and is one of the best Bitcoin debit cards out there.

Once the card has been ordered via the intuitive registering platform, it’ll be sent over to you. To use it, keep in mind the fact that there are certain fees associated with each transaction.

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ATM withdrawal in the UK will cost €2.25, whereas the same process done internationally will cost €2.75. On POS purchases, the commission is 0%, which is great news. The card limits mention that €1000 is the max single ATM withdrawal and that €10000 is the maximum sum that can be added in a day if the card is verified.

If it isn’t, then the sums are somewhat lower, just to stay safe.

SpectroCoin Debit Card Fees
SpectroCoin Debit Card Fees

SpectroCoin Debit Card Limits
SpectroCoin Debit Card Limits

E-Coin Debit Card

E-Coin Debit CardE-Coin is the proud creator of E-Coin, yet another revolutionizing digital currency credit card project, with a lot of potentials.

Once you have read and understood the terms and conditions associated with getting such a card, you’ll be able to order it via the easy-to-understand signup page.

Please note the fact that there are certain fees associated with basic operations on the card, and that in the beginning; the transaction limits will be somewhat stricter.

However, once you have verified your identity, these will surely increase.

E-Coin Debit Card Fees
E-Coin Debit Card Fees

E-Coin Debit Card Limits
E-Coin Debit Card Limits
E-Coin Debit Card Limits
E-Coin Debit Card Limits

XAPO Debit Card

Last but not least, we also have the Xapo debit card, which has recently gained quite a lot of popularity.

What makes it different when compared to the competition is that it brings both security and convenience in the palm of your hand, while also allowing you to make payments directly from your Xapo wallet where you can hold multiple currencies.

The company emphasizes quite a lot of security, and they can guarantee that the servers storing your Bitcoin will be highly secured at all times.

In regards to their fees, reports indicate that they’re somewhat lower when compared to the ones practiced by other providers, hence making the Xapo Bitcoin Debit Card a great choice.

XAPO Debit Card Fees & Limits
XAPO Debit Card Fees & Limits

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, these are the most popular providers of such services on the market right now. As time passes, not only will the quality of their services increase, but their popularity and rates might also see a boost, so it’s best to get one now, while they are still cheap and not many have tried them out.

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