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Coinful is now accepting crypto guest posts!

Crypto is a hard niche, and without submitting your guest post, it’s pretty hard to rank. We’re offering a lifetime backlink to our site if the article is properly written.

If you’re an expert in SEO or digital marketing, we’d love to feature an article from you on our blog. We would like to give a chance and opportunity to other writers who want to share their ideas, tips, and insights with our audience.

Feel free to contact us below and submit your crypto guest post now.

What kind of articles do we approve?

We are excited and passionate to publish your crypto guest post if it contains the following qualities:

1. Unique – an article is unique if it’s not published anywhere and thus is also not indexed on Google.

2. Natural – an article is organic when it’s written in a natural way and is very easy to read.

3. Relevant – a relevant article is written on the topic of cryptocurrency and nothing else.

4. Understandable – if it’s written correctly in terms of grammar and language.

5. Useful – if it’s a way to help its readers, answer their questions, and solve their problems.

6. Engaging – if it’s interesting and not boring or repetitive.

Note: Articles should be at least more than 500 words to be approved.

What kind of article is unacceptable?

Please don’t submit the following types of articles. We will surely reject and not publish them.

1. Duplicated contents – we will not allow plagiarism. We can detect duplicated content during submission and after publishing via our Plagiarism tools. Submitted duplicated contents will be rejected, while published duplicated contents will automatically be removed.

2. Software-created content – articles are written by software and robots, and those contents that are only reworded don’t offer quality – we tried using that, it doesn’t work.

3. Out of topic – irrelevant contents will only be rejected – remember, only cryptocurrency topic.

4. Wrong grammar, spelling errors, and poor English – we don’t really need you to be a great English writer, but we need your article to be readable and understandable.

Note: Coinful also accepts payment via cryptocurrencies.