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How Can Blockchain Skill Crypto Wallets for a Better Proficiency

Opera browser has a well-organized user interface, however; it is set up quite differently than the other browsers. It’s a good pick for people who want to use the same web browsing app on all their devices as it’s compatible with all types of gadgets and operating systems. The design and security features of the Opera browser are quite commendable. Alongside, it provides a great speed on any allocation of bandwidth. Whilst Opera doesn’t have a noticeable market capture in the browser market, it has been coming up with a wholesome of new technologies and innovations over the past few years.

Web 3.0

The term Web 3.0 is the latest pattern of web relation which is bringing about a revolution, not just in the way the websites are created, but also in the manner of interaction between people or developers. This new paradigm aims to make lives over the internet simpler and more instinctive with its provision of smarter services. For instance, Search Engine Optimization helps users find their perfect results faster with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, which focuses on the context of the search rather than the keywords contained in it. Web 3.0 is basically a distributed network created upon an Ethereum based blockchain.

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Nevertheless, Techopedia was quite unerring in stating, “There is no concrete definition for Web 3.0 yet and the technology that will bring us there has not even matured yet.”

Web 3.0 Ecosystem
Web 3.0 Ecosystem

The Innovation

Opera has recently announced that it will launch the first of its kind inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet in its exclusive beta version on the Android operating system. This will help users transact in cryptocurrency without the requirement to open a new tab or extension. Initially, this notecase will support only the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Gradually, the other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, will be included. This launch will be built on the existing browser wallets and promises a simple interface to its users. Opera is thus using Blockchain Technology in an innovative form. The entire expectation behind this project is to minimize the user’s entry impediments to Web 3.0, thereby, paving them a pathway to make progress in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. WeiFund is another decentralized application that has been used on Web 3.0 enabled browsers with inbuilt wallets.

The Power of Blockchain

There is a multitude of utilities of Blockchain Technology. Its ability to enhance the standard of services is unfathomable. No other technology in the market has the ability to work simultaneously on the security and the rectitude of information. Built on a multitude of technology platforms, DiscoveryIoT, led by Selvam VMS and Kumar T, is a flourishing startup that has come up with more than one revolutionary provision that will allow different companies to track their goods through blockchain, precisely alongside, giving equal importance to the factor of their intervals.

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Discovery aims to solve supply chain issues by implementing Blockchain with the convergence of IoT, AI, and Edge Computing. Their solution will soon be adopted by several large players in the Consumer Products industry as it solves the current supply chain issues faced by them, in an affordable manner. The founder has quoted, “No other technology matches the level of transparency and security that blockchain offers; and these are two areas where supply chain requires a complete revamp. Hence blockchain was considered to be the most logical choice in building the stack to our supply chain solution“. As stated, the transparency of transactions and in addition a high degree of concentration on the data involved; are the stepping stones to a digitally sustainable and better world.

How a blockchain works
How a blockchain works


This new move of Opera has come up much after the puff of cryptocurrency gradually perished off. The company is just trying to come up with some cryptocurrency-oriented features for its users. It had previously introduced an Anti-Cryptojacking software to show its users the good face of Blockchain technology. This new innovation still stands out as the crypto wallet might soon become a common thing in every other browser down the lane.

Charles Hamel, the Opera product leader, stated:

We believe the web of today will be the interface to the decentralized web of tomorrow. By becoming the first major browser to open up to Web 3.0, we would like to contribute to making the internet of the future more accessible.”

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