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Top 10 trading tips and tricks for 2022 – Detailed Guide for Beginners

After years of trading our team has gathered the best trading tips to trade cryptocurrencies or forex in this rapidly changing market where gains can be massive same as losses.

Sometimes the word ‘TRADING’ in the market research might sound a little complicated, especially when you do not have any experience in this kind of field. Still, luckily that is the last thing you need to worry about since in this market, you have a lot of analysts that come up with the most accurate daily news in this industry—ever wondered how you could get tips and tricks for your Trading Experience? Then you are on the right page.

Here’s the list of the 10 trading tips and tricks for 2022:

  1. Don’t be greedy
  2. Details make the difference
  3. Start taking responsibilities
  4. Stick to your plans
  5. Remain glued to the news
  6. Trader types, time frames, charts
  7. Strategies over emotions
  8. The simpler, the better
  9. Stick to a trading method that suits you
  10. Smarter, not harder

Don’t be Greedy – ROI takes time.

Most of the time, all the clients focus on is money, which in the Trading industry we call that being ‘Greedy,’ and without having any plan, your experience with tradings will be short-lived.

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You wonder and ask at the same time, why short-lived? Because that’s why you need to focus on managing your risks and always have a plan for your day trading. As a beginner, always hire a Broker; someone with experience and well-known trading strategies will always be profitable for your own money goal decisions.

Bitcoin 4 year ROI is minimum 5.2x and majority of the time over 10x (Source: u/justinjustinian)

Bitcoin 4 year ROI is minimum 5.2x and majority of the time over 10x (Source: u/justinjustinian)

Pay attention to the details – Details make the difference.

Never ignore the fact that learning something new every day in the Trading Industry won’t benefit you in any kind of way. Be persistent and always focus on the small details. Ensure that every day is a new challenge for you in this field and always come up with profitable decisions. Remember, the goal is to aim high and not settle for less. As in small details, always lead with facts with your tradings.

The meaning of this is that your strategy always has to be based on, supported, and also backtested with facts. Let me give you a quick example: After a winning trade with a successful amount of investment the client will function emotionally since that is the kind of being we are, what that means is that the next day he will feel that confident for the market to open and put in another trade and little does the client know it’s a trap. And that’s why you always let your facts guide your decisions.

Start taking responsibilities – It’s not always a win-win situation

Trying something new in your Trade and not sticking to your plan is never the right decision. Never let the word ‘Maybe’ trick you in this industry, maintain discipline, be patient, and your successful self in the future will always be thankful. Always take responsibility for yourself and never point fingers at the market, and claim that the market was out for you.

This is why you need to take responsibility for yourself and always learn from your own mistakes. Always ask yourself, where did I go wrong? How can I stop it from happening again? Do I need to make other plans in my trading strategies?

Stick to your plans and keep your trade journal 

Remember always to keep a trade journal, you will always get to hear from a trader that keeping a trade journal was never a mistake. As a tip, it’s always a good idea to keep a record of your previous trades so that you can identify your problems and always level up your strategies for your future intelligent decisions.

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One of the main things in the Trading strategy is you always need to know WHEN TO STOP. If your ideas and strategies are not working in this industry, don’t keep throwing money at it, that’s where you get the red card, and you are out! If you can’t stick to your plans stop risking your money loss and come up with something more mature.

An example of a Trade Journal - MyCryptoJournal
An example of a Trade Journal – MyCryptoJournal

Remain glued to the news 

You always need to make sure to yourself what you want to achieve, make sure that your decisions and strategies are always safe for your risk profile. Before going any further with your broker, make sure to check their practices and policies to see if they are a match for your trading needs. Always be consistent and stick to your plans, whether it’s fundamental or technical. Do not forget to remain glued to the newswires, be prepared for conclusions, and commit to the task.

Never underestimate the difference between Fads and Trends, for this, you are going to need to check up on macroeconomics and their market significance. Everyone that wants to know the true secrets of Crypto or Forex trading needs to know that spotting the details in the macroeconomics of inflation and GDP through to interest rates and earnings is key.

Trader types, Time frames, and Charts

Let’s get back to the basic information. It is never important what type of trader you are it always comes down to the strategies and decisions you are willing to place on that trade. You either are a Daytrader, Swing Trader, or Long Term Position Trader it doesn’t matter, what matters, in this case, is how you approach the market. Try to start with a higher time frame chart and zoom down from there to your trading time frame chart so this can give u a better perspective money-wise.

The time frame can be very tricky in most cases and leads you to make mistakes as for your trading decisions, with that being said it’s the meaning of the signal time frame. Keep an eye on that. Not always long-term minutes charts can give you a better trade entry. Keep in mind that it is always a wise move to analyze multiple time frames.

Stick with your strategies – not emotions

Letting your emotions get in your way will never be an option, for this reason, you have to understand that trading is all about risk control and knowing the probabilities. It is always important to stick with your strategies through your experience in order not to expect something disappointing by the end of the day.

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Always compare your previous tradings with the new ones so you can always see what progress you have made through the trading journey, never underestimate how far you have come. You can always follow live forex signals from professional providers that have been in the industry for more than a decade.

The emotional wave of a market cycle
The emotional wave of a market cycle

The simpler, the better

Sometimes in the trading industry, keeping things simple is more profitable than adding multiple indicators instead. Any trader or broker, in this case, will tell you that the best indicator is the price. And in this case, any other hand on your price chart is the definition of the price itself. The key thing for you is to learn to read price actions and understand price movement thru the supply and demand imbalances.

Understanding support and resistance are also very important in the trading field. Before putting on a trade, always remember to check the news event’s schedule so in this case, you won’t miss the details that matter. You have a lot of online resources where you can find an economic calendar to stay updated.

Settle always with a trading method that suits you

It is highly suggested to always find a trading method that will suit you. Let’s put it this way, you have come quite a journey with tradings the main thing is that you do know what works for you and what doesn’t, you can always implement the trading style or method that works best for you.

If you are focused on keeping up with the latest market news, long-term approaches will not work for you. In this case, to manage your trades in a shorter time frame you will have to miss the longer-term trend, it all comes up to your decisions based on your previous trades experiences. Or it can be the other way around, maybe you are someone interested more in part-time trading since you do not have time to keep up with the market news, a longer-term trend strategy will suit you best in this case.

This is the reason why identifying yourself what type of trader you are is crucial in the trading industry.

Play smarter, not harder

It is essential to protect yourself from conclusions. Always remind yourself that you are in control and have all the tools and resources to become a successful trader. Also, the most important thing is never to let yourself give up, tradings can sometimes become very difficult but there is always a way out, remember to focus on your goals and use your strategies money-wise.

Sometimes reminding yourself how far you have come and how much you have learned can win that discouraged feeling you sometimes feel. Always take a step back and think about what can you do to overcome that feeling instead of placing trades and losing money. Play smarter not harder.

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